"you are what they see"

based in Vienna

fashion oriented

attached to the details


A-STVDIO assists clients building a new dress code and supplies uniforms inspired by fashion trends. Applying individual approach we connect professionals in design, styling, textile and clothing production to provide the best service of creating a new look for the staff. Driven by passion for aesthetics, quality and elegance A-STVDIO always aims to reach harmony between the individual character and style.


Style consulting & design

Development of a new style direction always starts with the analysis of colors, garments proportions and selection of fabrics based on the purpose of the client. Our presentation consists of fashion sketches or photo images, what gives a clear idea of the dress code. Then we produce the samples of the garments to approve the design. Accessories and other image details are advised according to the new image.


A-STVDIO offers the production of the garments we designed. We work with the specialized and experienced factories in Europe, what guarantees the quality to EU standards. The production takes up to six weeks, depending on the volume or special requirements of the order. Fabrics from world known manufacturers with exclusive design meet the highest expectations of our customers.



Delivery is our important service as well. It includes control of the production deadlines, right implementation of the order and its’ safe arrival to the client. We can additionally order unique accessories or incorporate retail items for a special request and then send all the goods directly to the client offering the full service to dress corporate people in style.


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